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Food Pantry Donation Opportunities

Brown Bag Food Drive
Sunday, October 2nd - Sunday November 27th 
Fill a Brown Bag with Christmas Food for a Family in Need 
Pick up a Brown Bag at one of the upcoming church events or use the Shopping List Below to fill a bag!
Below is a guideline, you DO NOT have to purchase everything on the list.

You can drop off your donation to the GREY BIN outside of the Lake Village Presbyterian Church.
Please return the Brown Bag Grocery items by Sunday, November 27th.  

Fireworks in the Park was a Major Success!

Canned Vegetables                              Cereal 
Jiffy Mix Cornbread                             Flour 
Pudding or Jell-O                                 Oil
Dish Soap                                               Stuffing Mix 
Salt/Pepper                                             Sugar 
Canned Fruit                                          Soup 
Shampoo/Conditioner                          Mac & Cheese 
                       Any Boxed or Canned Potatoes:
                              Flakes, Whole, or Sweet 
                                Any Boxed Desserts:

        Brownies, Cake Mixes, Cookies, and/or Frosting

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